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Movil'App, our interns' success stories...

Publié le Vendredi 06 janvier 2017
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«I have been uplifted by this training experience, both professionaly and personaly. It was my really first journey abroad during which I could only rely on myself. At such times you really learn about yourself and even get surprised by your capacities. At a professional level, I could evolve in an English-speaking environment in a really new area. At a personal level, I cannot express strongly enough how this experience has changed me, but no doubt it has changed my way of thinking and reacting. Journeys open your mind and openness is hard to reach when you do not step outside of your confort zone and familiar environment.»
Thu-Thuy, former apprentice in Management and Communication, 6-month training in Dublin 


« I have gained a lot from my internship experience both professionally and personally. 
I have had the opportunity to approach a working environment I did not know before. 
On a personal note, this experience has been a real success, living in London, meeting people, visiting new places, everything went well. I recommend this program this program to any student who wants to experiment life abroad, a full immersion, a real cultural bath. » 

Léa, former apprentice in  6-month training in London


« Throughout this experience, I have been able to  perfect my english and to learn a lot about working life. Working for a big company made it possible for me to understand better the mechanisms and the implementation of specific procedures. I have personnally gained a lot from the internship. It has been a real pleasure for me to live with roommates, far from my regular contacts.  I could meet people from different countries and cultures.  I realize that I have been able to adapt despite the existing barriers »
David, former apprentice in Accounting and Finance, 6-month training in Dublin