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Publié le Mardi 03 janvier 2017

The ESSYM (Ecole Supérieure des SYstèmes de Management) was established in Rambouillet in 1992. It has built its notoriety and « the spririt of its educational programs and methods »through its 3 fields of expertise in operational management of support functions

  • Human Resources Management
  • Specialized Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management

The ESSYM is complementary to the positioning of major management schools on the market of the youth and corporate market. The ESSYM is a High School of Operational Management in apprenticeship

It operates in initial and continuing training in its three fields of expertise to make students, employees and executives live together and inspire one another to greater things.


The ESSYM elaborates dedicated routes to any of the incoming student profiles. As it is in line with the first competence level of the students as well as the needs of companies, the school is likely to propose a one, two or three-year training ensuring a genuine occupational integration or a a real springboard for further studies.

This particular alchemy is due to our mix of our carried out courses ( National Education diplomas, university degrees,  degrees certifies by the Ministry of Employment and Labour) and the pedagogy used that facilitates the combination and coordination of these courses and offers many career opportunities and bridges to our students.

  • 87% success at the exams
  • 73,4% professional integration
  • More than 1200 partner businesses
  • Individualized monitoring
  • Free and paid training
  • International mobility
  • Efficient work placement support
  • A library resource and counseling center
  • Low cost student accommodation
  • School life – student office and association

ESSYM is one of the 24 schools run by the Paris-Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • 500 training courses (including  400 on apprenticeship)
  • 31200 trained students ( including 14 700 apprentices)
  • 77% professional insertion 7 months after the degree.
  • 88% success at the state exams
  • 7280 international students
  • 30000 adults on continuing education
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